Obama and the Clintons, selling the Country.

hillary-greedySo, back in March there was talk of Hillary’s private server, and of how she refused to turn it over – not only that, but then we were told the server and its contents were destroyed.  Gone.  Over at abovethelaw.com, the questions were asked, and accurately answered:

Does Hillary Clinton bear potential exposure to be held in contempt? Is there a chance that Clinton could go to jail based on her comments at her super-awkward press conference, stating that she deleted about 30,000 emails that she considered personal in nature? What are the right questions to be asking about data, preservation, life, the universe, and everything?

Answer, “yes”, “we can only hope” and “I have no idea.”

That was in March.  This month we learn of an even larger scandal – Uranium One.  Essentially its alleged that Clinton’s State Department approved the sale of one of America’s laclintondeal-fbrgest uranium mines while the seller of that company was making huge donations to Clinton’s “charity.”  That, coming out of the New York Times recently.

When that interesting gem was revealed, that “charity” decided, “Oops, now we have to file amended tax returns for the last several years.. . “  Mmm Hmm.  Because they made some mistakes and just realized it?  No.  Because they got caught.  Why were these returns false – essentially fake?  Because Clinton’s charity was behind that Uranium One deal, and probably others.  Because Clinton would certainly prefer that no one knows of her conflicts of interest, secrets and lies.    Because she’s greedy.  Because she thinks she’s above all scrutiny.  Because, Clinton.

Over at the New Yorker, 5 questions are asked.  But with the Clinton server now gone – in direct violation of demands made by key Representatives investigating Benghazi – we can’t be sure to find answers.  Putin-Obama

Another interesting question: Why did this administration allow the sale of American Uranium interests to a Russian company… ?  Russia, with its Iranian partnership?

A Criminal?  The Clinton’s are pretty slick, as in Teflon slick.  But one things for sure – not enough people are talking about it.

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