Parents lost daughter to mass shooter, now owe $220,000.

images“To his suppliers…”. 

Of course, his suppliers.  Like Lucky Gunner, Sportsman’s Guide, or other companies physically visited him in the dark of night and put the guns and ammunition directly in his possession.  And told him to go forth with murderous intent.  Or even simply knew of that intent.  And knew he was deranged.  Oh, wait, they didn’t?  They didn’t do any of that?  Oops.

Of course they didn’t.  Predictably, CSGV is aghast.

CSGV-Aurora-legal-costsSandy Phillips, Plaintiff, said at the time her suit was filed, 

“As gun owners, parents, and citizens of this country, we hope that our lawsuit will spare other families the tragedy that we have gone through after the death of our beautiful daughter.”

Not so much.

Liberal media and gun-grabbers can’t ignore what the judge said:

“There can be no question that Holmes’s deliberate, premeditated criminal acts were the predominant cause of plaintiffs’ daughter’s death,” Judge Matsch wrote, but “[n]either the Web nor the face-to-face sales of ammunition and other products to Holmes can plausibly constitute a substantial factor causing the deaths and injuries in this theater shooting.”

Implausible. The opposite of Believable.  Convincing.  Credible.  Realistic.

Common sense from a Court.  How about that.

And the Plaintiffs in this case are not “maybe” liable for their frivolous suit, they ARE liable for their foolishness.  Of course they could claim malpractice against their lawyers, who failed them.  Or point the blame at the Brady Campaign who were all too happy to carry their water.  Good luck with that.

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Holmes’ trial is set for April 27th.