Hillary Clinton and Uranium One…


…..Indict her and her husband.  They are traitorous socialists and have nothing of mine or yours in mind in her bid for the presidency.

But of course, they have their own rules, don’t they?

This is the read:


Now we know why Hillary started her campaign so early.  She had to get ahead of this story before it came out.

Know that mainstream media will ignore this story for now.

In a nutshell – Hillary and Obama managed to basically give alot – ALOT – of US uranium production away.  Not just to anybody, but the Russians.  Though Uranium One was a Canadian company, which owned significant uranium mining ops in the US, it was ultimately bought out by the Russians.  And then de-listed from the Canadian stock exchange.   By the Russians.  Astonishing.  Absolutely amazing.  And Hillary would of course pretend that all is well.

All of this with the explicit blessing of the Obama Cabinet, which Hillary was a member of.  All financed and supported through their Clinton “foundation.”

Bet the people comrades will give her a good run though.

Should be interesting.





UPDATE:  More reading… ;





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