Bersa and Warranties.

So, I have a little Bersa .380.  I like it, as its small, easy to carry, and dependable – more or less.  I’ve put, I think, a couple thousand rounds through it.  It’s never really failed to fire but once.  More on that later.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530We got it because it was our “first” handgun.  My wife and I were sitting in our living room, watching the Obama inauguration in 2008.  Out of the blue, she turned to me and said she thought we needed to get a handgun.  Ok.

Before that, we had a few rifles, family guns mostly.  No handguns.  It’s not that she was anti-handgun, she just did not want me to go out and get any handguns.  Happy wife, happy life.

Out I went the next day, looking at Glock, Springfield’s, etc., all full-size stuff.  I stopped myself though – this had to be something she could shoot too.  And she had handled a Bersa before.  And that little duo-tone Walther look-alike was handsome.  So, there ya go.  Our first handgun.

The Bersa Thunder in .380 is essentially a Walther Clone. But at 1/2 the cost.

About two years after its purchase, I’m at the range, and pulled the trigger – nothing.  A dead trigger.  Pulling off the grips, I see the trigger return spring broke.  Remembering that this thing has a lifetime warranty, I sent it to the local service center via FedEx, and about a week later, I get it back, fixed, cleaned up and good to go.

A couple of months ago I then noticed that the safety lever – or “decocker” lever is not dropping the hammer from the cocked position, as it should.  Once perhaps every 4 our 5 times, it just wouldn’t.  That problem got worse, and so off to FedEx again.  Only one week later the Big Brown Van brings it back.  Again, no charge, warranty work.

“Slide out of Spec.” Whatever that means.

I am surprised – they replaced the entire slide and all the internals in it, noting only that it was “out of spec.”  Not sure what that means, but I do like a lifetime warranty.

Size comparison. Image credit, Lucky Gunner.

Bersa.  People seem to really like them, or really dislike them.  Of course, I am reminded of a quote from the movie Tommy Boy when it comes to warranties…. .

Ted Nelson: But why do they put a guarantee on the box?

Tommy: Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of shit.

Though there are other better carry options out there, perhaps, I still like the Bersa.  For now.  That’s what matters.  And as a friend of mine says, you can’t beat that with a bat.




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