And how many lies does Hillary get to tell?

WhatDifference?!Pathological: Dead Broke Hillary Dodged Sniper Fire with her Immigrant Grandparents in Tuzla… .   

More Clinton Lies. 

And more:

But, at this point, what difference does any of this make?


Circuit Judge Olu Stevens, offended.

judge12n-2-webSo, a guy breaks into an occupied home and terrorizes a family at gunpoint, traumatizes a young child, and gets probation.  That’s it.  Probation.

And then family gets re-victimized, by the Judge. 

The public in Steven’s jurisdiction are those that should be offended.




Bersa and Warranties.

So, I have a little Bersa .380.  I like it, as its small, easy to carry, and dependable – more or less.  I’ve put, I think, a couple thousand rounds through it.  It’s never really failed to fire but once.  More on that later.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530We got it because it was our “first” handgun.  My wife and I were sitting in our living room, watching the Obama inauguration in 2008.  Out of the blue, she turned to me and said she thought we needed to get a handgun.  Ok.

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