Obama’s Anti Midas.




Looks like Moo-chelle needs to stop touching too:

#DearMe! Michelle Obama in Japan Strikes Again

Family Court Judge Says No Guns – Immediately Appealed.


toon130411Troubling.  As a family law practicioner:


I could tell stories.

Interesting that the lower-court judge made the decision she did.  In these parts, they rightfully would not care.  Pretending that there may be a problem with guns in that household, that’s defensible.  Not right.  The appeals court made the right decision.  Though on an abuse of discretion standard, not as a constitutional issue.

Arthur the Dog….

26D80B2800000578-3004343-image-a-34_1426870164947A long time ago, I trekked across the Canadian wilds.  We used to take 12-15 teenage boy-scouts, pack everything in a canoe for three weeks, and set forth on rivers that head north towards the Hudson Bay.  Did it many times.  Most awesome experience, for me at least.  Sure we had food that we brought with us – but we supplemented it with fish.  Minor injuries (thank God) were taken care of.  Each night, we had to hack out a campsite in the wilderness.  Not sure if that’s allowed now.  But I remember it as a great experience.

26D80B0600000578-3004343-image-a-32_1426870131743Best improvisation – literally diverting the entire river (in part) with rocks and boulders to free a canoe that capsized and was held hostage – pinned to the bottom of the river by the current – so we could get our ride back.  Seeing moose just feet away, and somehow, they did not stomp us (they do that).  Getting to our final destination, and reveling in the electric hand-dryers they had in their lodge, after not having anything but a hole-in-the-ground before.  Clouds of mosquitos driving us into retreat.  That was tough.  We fled.  You could cut them with a knife.

It was with a good, organized and well-led boy-scout troop.  Only the eldest scouts could go.  You had to be able to portage long distances.  You had to be able to demonstrate leadership, ability, and survival skills.  It was wonderful.

26D80B0E00000578-3004343-image-a-36_1426870348110Now, if I were on a similar trek, or in this case, a race – if I ran across some stray dog, not sure if I could do what these guys did.  Its an amazing story for sure.

On another level: wow.  A well-trained and loved dog – that’s two different things by the way – will follow you to the ends of the earth.  My life-trek with pebbles, my dog, has been as special.  But pebbles is not trekking across the Amazon.  She may try, but then again… .

Ms. McFattie Fat Fat. I love her though.

If you have any opportunity to work with or mentor, or be a leader with the scouting program – do it.  Also set a goal, and teach the youngsters.  And have fun.

The Story. 

And The DemocRAT’s continue… .

10.pngAnother push, to now ban all center fire ammo?

My dad, just a few years ago, started hunting with a crossbow.  Maybe he was prescient.

Seriously though, we are being governed by those that don’t have a clue.  Absurd.  Off their rockers.






Your representative list is here.  Get to work.  Courtesy of GunBlogBlackList.  A great site.


Dems March Forward re M855 Ban… .

So, here they go, steadily legislating that which they do not understand. 10.png

“Any 5.56 round” is “a challenge for officer safety,” he said. Jones asked lawmakers to help in a review of a 1986 bill written to protect police from so-called “cop killer” rounds that largely exempted rifle ammo like the 5.56 because it has been used by target shooters, not criminals.

New worries.  Oh Boy.

Preaching to the choir of course, as none of them read this site certainly – but a ban on M855/5.56, becomes precedent to ban any center-fire carteridge.  Bet on it.  Bet the farm on it.  That is what is going to come if they rule-make in this fashion.

So, what to do.  Well, I donno.  You can comment – see other links for that and certainly do.  You can write your representatives – but with rare exception, they do little.  Both options, in this fight, are what must be done nonetheless.  But what else.  Again, I don’t know.

I do know doing something is better than doing nothing.  That, is why I say if you have any accessibility to your local political fixtures, senators, representatives, commissioners, mayors, and on and on:  start a discussion.  They are interested.  They will listen to you.  Well, at least here in the panhandle of Florida.

Engage with your representatives.






It’s Not Over.

10.pngNot by any measure.  The ATF basically said, “…hey, no mind, just forget about it.”  Only to yes, bring it up later, when politically convenient.

This is, by the way, a common maneuver, that, in law.  The period to comment expires later this month, and if you have not got yours in yet, consider doing so – for what that’s worth.  So, be vocal.  Post and write.  Comment.  Contact your representatives.  If you’re lucky, like I am, they are conservative and have some guts.