Rick Herbert; You can Beat the Rap, but Not the Ride.

620x330xRick-Herbert-620x330.jpg.pagespeed.ic.i8z3Uf_ZPiFound many places, but Here. 

Mildly interesting, but for the fact that this man’s wife evidently admits to marijuana use by her husband in comments she may have posted online at the above link and helpfully tells the officer about the “bong” in the car later in the video.   Oops!

The interesting part is the comments to that article, where we see how divisive these issues can be.  Looks like that arm-twist hurt too!

It’s the weekend.  I left my lawyer hat at the office.   However, at inland checkpoints, they are allowed to ask questions to determine your citizenship, and may look at the exterior and into the windows of your car.  If you remain silent, they can detain you for a while to verify your status.

At crossings, not checkpoints, they do not need your consent to search you or your car.

My two cents:  Expanding government power is part of a trend and when that happens and it lessens our constitutional rights, that’s bad.  Not sure I would donate to Herbert’s crowd-fund though.  Nope.

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