Hannity Interviews Netanyahu. United States Gets Nuked.

bibi_netanyahu_0_1426779223Another good one:


Interesting, the deference Netanyahu gives to the current administration in the face of Hannity’s questions.   The respect given to the US in answers to Hannity’s questions.

Contrast that with the administrations apparent spite for Netanyahu:  The administration worked against him in his recent election there.  Obama refused to attend, host, or even recognize Netanyahu’s recent visit to our Congress.  The administration was incensed by it.  The administration negotiates with Iran regarding nuclear options, against the obvious wishes of Israel.  Our long-standing ally.  Israel, our friends.  To the very ludicrous end?  No.  But Israel is not irrational.

So, what on earth is going on here?  Nobody seems to know for sure. Not Obama.  Not Kerry.  Not Biden.  They’re not talking, well, they are, but actions speak louder than words.  While the current administration throws Israel under the bus, it ignores the bigger picture.

Set aside the siren song of any two-state solution, though that could be important.  Forget the prejudice of popular American media on the matter, either way.  Debate amongst yourselves why.

Point is, giving Iran the bomb, if that’s what’s being negotiated (and gee, we really don’t know…), giving Iran an out…. .  That’s not an option, if you believe Iran.  Their government wants to wipe the Great Satan, and Little Satan off the face of the earth.  Their words.  Their ideology.  Not mine. For a long time.

Will Iran toss a nuke at DC at the first chance they get, regardless?  Well, no.  Not really.  I don’t think so.  I hope not.  Could be wrong, me.  Hmm.  Not really convincing, am I.  Well, I am not an expert, but, well, neither is the circus in the White House.  So… .

There were reasons that we historically kept Iran – or tried to keep Pakistan or India for that matter from nuclear options (and could not).  Any option that lets Iran have nuclear weapons, that’s nuclear proliferation in the middle east.  That is not what you or I looked at going on with the US and USSR in the 70’s and 80’s.  The cold war ended long ago.  Russia’s another resurgent problem too, and an issue, but not the subject here. The middle east with nukes, that’s not something you want.

Mutually assured destruction is a concept from long ago.  Not relevant now.

Giving Iran nuclear weapons, that’s a big problem for us if you believe Iran.

Maybe proliferation of nukes, as they are, is unavoidable regardless of who is in charge, given how technology always moves forward.  That we had “the bomb” over 50 years ago, and other countries got it so much later, good on us.  I like that we, America, we put an SUV on the surface of mars, while Korea, Iran, or any other aspirational power fights to get intercontinental ballistic capability.  But we need stronger leadership now. We don’t have that.  We need to get this tiger by the tail.  That involves leadership, skills, diplomacy, that we don’t have.

This is not the cold war.  This is not mutually assured destruction that I was afraid of as a child, in the 70’s and 80’s.

Iran gets it, so goes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and others.  And with their Islamic Ideology and rhetoric, we could be in for dark times indeed.  We need strong international policy and presence.

Something that is sorely missed at present.

My rant is done.


2 thoughts on “Hannity Interviews Netanyahu. United States Gets Nuked.”

    1. Yep. Israel has and will. Did so when I was a kid, and wonder what that will look like now, in my time. Don’t like it, but I would not blame Israel either.

      Thanks NFO. Good to see ya.


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