Lies Lies and more Lies. Bearing Arms Bob Owens takes the Slimes to Task.

10.pngIn an NYT article, they bemoan the dreaded m855 ammo:

Until now, the powerful “M855 green tip” bullet has been legal for use in AR-15 semiautomatic rifles, typically used by target shooters and hunters. But the gun industry’s reckless development of new handguns that use the bullet — criminals prefer handguns over rifles — has led the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to sensibly propose banning it in the name of greater gun safety.

Ahh, that magical green-tip bullet… .  But now, we have a handgun that shoots it too!  OMG!  How reckless!

Maybe one response from the NYT to Bearing Arms’ Bob Owens defense of m855.  Other than that, cue the chirping crickets…. .

Fact:  This Rifle (which looks like an air rifle, but its not.  Its my famed Stevens 325 30-30) –

Stevens 325With this ammo –

540255 leverevolutionWill likely Will penetrate any typical LEO’s vest.

Because Owens is right.  I’ll leave editorializing to others.  He nails it.

BTW, the latter ammo is great for deer.

I’d better stock up on 30-30 ammo.


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