Charges Crumble After Cell Phone Video Uncovered.


I’m all for respect towards “authority” – primarily because Law Enforcement, be it an overzealous officer, or State Attorney can do more to you than cause inconvenience.

This type of thing happens in every state, some, more than others perhaps.  Louisiana has a particularly bad rap historically.

Ironic, how Chicago highlights Louisiana’s corrupt past in the above link… .

There are many, many examples nationwide – we hear about this type of abuse weekly, sometimes more often than that.

That’s why I installed one of these, for different but perhaps related reasons – in many instances, its awful good to have a record:

61hzf0DmyDL._SL1000_I may write up a review of sorts, but it’s pretty simple: Find a spot in your fuse-box to hard wire it;

Fuse Box is generally accessible. Covers can be gently pried off or at least loosened.
Which fuse to use?

41Xq1NBkVYLI used one of these to make the connection in the fuse box.  In this case, a 10A fuse that powers up with the ignition.


IMG_1020(1)….arrange the wiring behind relevant dash and a-pillar covers,

Fits nicely out of view from most passengers behind the mirror.

Then stick the unit on your windshield and forget about it… .

It can be wired for and set as always on-motion activated – without significant draw on your battery – but I have it set to come on with the ignition.

Not all that noticeable standing in front of vehicle.
But its there. A sort of gorgon’s stare. At least, for 140 degrees in front.

With a large micro SD card, I can get many many hours of recording and the unit overwrites itself from the beginning when the card is full.

And yes, you can record – even audio record – law enforcement in many states.  At least in mine.  Check your laws.

Here, on Amazon:

Video quality is good.  Perhaps an update later on that.


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