Bacon Bomb!

IMG_1190Take a nice pork roast… .  You know you want to see… .

Arrange bacon on platter, in a basket-weave pattern.

IMG_1189IMG_1188IMG_1191Heat crock pot… .

IMG_1192Pat roast dry…. .

IMG_1194Rub roast with spices – a little bit of curry, pepper, garlic and rosemary.  No salt – the bacon and roast have a lot of it already… .

IMG_1196And button her all up.   We used just a few toothpicks.

IMG_1198Into the pot for a couple hours on high, a couple then on low, and we’ll see how she looks.   Some say to braise the bacon on the roast in a pan – I did not want to clean up a mess, but braising or searing your meats before putting them in a crock pot all day is often best.

In this case, I used a wire cooling grid under the roast, to keep it out of the boiling fat and water that will be produced.




Now resting & ready to eat;


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