Be Prepared.


Some things to consider:

But what about President Obama’s 4.5 Million New Jobs?

Well if you believe the White House, and the government/media propagandists, President Obama has added some 4.5 million new jobs to the economy since he took office. What they don’t tell you is that almost every one of those so-called new jobs has gone to immigrants, not native-born Americans.

According to a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies, since President Obama took office, 67 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants (both legal and illegal). When you throw in the Bush years, virtually all the all of the net gain in the number of working-age people since 2000 has gone to immigrants. Both sides have screwed the American public.

And for those who have found employment:

We are in for some real tough time…

If you haven’t started taking steps to prepare yourself for coming economic problems, you really need to take a hard look at what’s going on in this country, and then figure out if you’re prepared to face the coming chaos.


Colder than an eviction notice to a naked eskimo in an unheated igloo.


sonny_eliot_fog_plus_muckIt was cold here last night.  43 degrees!

Reminds me of Sonny Eliot, who was a Detroit-based weatherman when Detroit used to be, well, a lot of things.  I remember meeting him at the Detroit Zoo, long ago.  Of all places.

Federal Ban on Standard Capacity Magazines Introduced by Congressional Democrats


Nothing New.  Its going to die in committee.

Legislation to be introduced by Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT), who compared gun deaths to car deaths, saying,

“This year is the first year in U.S. history that gun deaths will exceed car deaths. We should be ashamed.”

Not sure about that.  Even if it were so, as the counter goes, ban cars then.

lixbV-300x300And this ultimate guide dismantles all its arguments in the closing paragraph:

There’s another, well-known problem with this conceit — lax federal and state laws make it easy to purchase guns from nearby, underregulated counties or states and bring them into cities. In Chicago, for example, gun sellers will simply set up shop just outside the city limits and sell to traffickers who bring the weapons into the city. That’s one of the key arguments for the sort of federal action being considered today, especially universal background checks at nearby gun shows to prevent this sort of trafficking.

Because criminals don’t care and legislation is not going to make a wrong-doer act different.

gun-control-welcome-to-chicago-highest-murder-rate-in-nation gun-control