M855 Not “Armor Piercing.”

1000rd-case-m855-lake-city-green-tip-5-56-bulk-ammo-62gr-am556lc-02-800x533…Much has been written about the pending “rule-change” and I thought I’d make the point:  The BATFE proposes changes to the definition of “armor piercing” because as Eric Holder demonstrates, when things are too hard, simply change the rules to suit your own agenda.

Bsiw4RWCYAEBFK_It goes without saying, there are no violent wrong-doers running around with short-barreled rifles or hand-guns chambered with this round.  Even if there were, “rule changes” would not deter.

And once again stating the obvious, soft body armor will not reliably stop any centerfire round.  Wait, what?!

“Oh, but we allowed the public a period of comment, just to be fair.”  How nice.  That’s really thoughtful.  atfFor what its worth:







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