Florida Carry Appeals Norman v. State of Florida.

1112997366641_500X500And Bravo!  But perhaps its time to get some conservative legislators to amend the law.  I’ll leave legal analysis to others, as its Friday, and opining on this subject seems like too much work.  And while I wonder why AG Pam Bondi bothers with her fight on this issue, the facts of the case are straightforward:

Freshly minted permit holder Dale Norman covered his pistol with a “wife-beater” tee-shirt – that’s what he told a jury when asked to describe his method of concealment – and was promptly arrested minutes later when, unbeknownst to him, said ‘beater did not, well, conceal.  (State of Florida Answer Brief, p. 3; footnote 1)

I hope Florida Carry prevails, and/or Florida Law is modified on the matter, but the lesson here is simple:

Don’t Cover Your Heater with a Beater.

And, filed under the category of “You’re Not Helping,” as Counsel for the Defense, um, I’m not sure constantly making reference to said wife-beater was best practice.









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