Bushmaster/Remington Faces Suit in Connecticut – in Federal Court.



A read, though not very interesting.  More a work of fiction and tragedy.  Here:


The case record:


Now, federal law says sellers have general immunity from lawsuits arising from criminal misuse of firearms.  That law has withstood constitutional scrutiny time and time again.  There are exceptions to the law.   The Plaintiffs don’t fall under any of those exceptions.  Of course, that will be for the Court to decide.

The Plaintiffs are going to argue “negligent entrustment” under the law, that they fall under any exception, and all that.  The case should be dismissed.  But all you need is a liberal federal judge to deny motions for dismissal, allowing the matter to proceed. Then it gets expensive.  Really expensive.  Even if you prevail.

I read that 11 of 13 on the Connecticut Federal Bench are Obama, Clinton, or Carter appointees.  There are magistrates there, but I’m not sure this case will get punted to a magistrate.

One of the Plaintiff’s lawyers explains:


Because on one hand, lots of things that should happen, don’t.

And on the other, it’s a familiar strategy: file the frivolous to bolster attention to the cause and cost your Defendant’s lots of attorney fees.




2 thoughts on “Bushmaster/Remington Faces Suit in Connecticut – in Federal Court.”

  1. The AR-15 is the most popular sporting rifle made and sold today. Used widely in bothe shooting sports and hunting.with the flexibility of cuntugerment and calaber to hunt everthing from ground hog to black bear and everthing between.
    The bigest point this (lawer) is missing is the this rifle was stolden from his mother after the comishion of her mudder.
    This lawer and law suite as waste of time and money to profet off a tragity. After all we do not sue Lamborghini or Ferrari when people are kill in a high speed crash , when the max speed limet is 66 to 70 in this country…….


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