Obnoxious Man gets Tasered in Courtroom


From pawpawshouse.blogspot.com: 

Obnoxious: …step aside, I’m goin’ in…

Bailiff: …no you’re not….back up.

Obnoxious: …don’t touch me…let the record show you just battered me…and…ZZZZZT! AAAGGRHHH….

…please stop….

Lol.  I like it.  Be obnoxious and idiotic and get zapped.

Full video:


Some wail and moan about excessive force in this situation.  Meh.  There is something to be said for keeping to your business, not causing a stir, and thus avoiding unwanted and unintended consequences.  Because law enforcement can do things to you leaving you to, as they say, tell it to the Judge.

Obnoxious apparently sat in jail with a 5k bond for his foolishness.  Unintended indeed.





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