RIP Tom Magliozzi.


…of Car Talk fame.  The guy on the right.  They had a long stint in NPR – a very long run.  In my opinion, the only reason to listen to NPR, at that time.  Now, Car Talk shows can be had on Sirrus.

Confession – until about a year ago, I did not know they had “retired.”  They retired in 2012.  I just kept listening to them on NPR.  Had no idea what I was listening to was their archives.


Mystery Buses.

photo 11So for many years now, perhaps once per month while on my long daily drive, I see the same convoy of 2-3 buses.  And always escorted by two Chevy sedans with Federal plates.

photo 22I think they are federal department of corrections, but who knows.

photo 33I did see one of them at a gas station once – the driver was wearing a homeland security shirt.  I asked him what the buses were and he simply said he could not say… .