2 thoughts on “Alison A. Martin, Moms Demand Whaa?”

  1. The “nothing to hide” fallacy didn’t originate with the Nazis. It’s been used and restated with small variations by invasive governments since at least the 17th Century, by agents of Cardinal Richelieu for example. The argument appears in Henry James 1888 novel The Reverberator, and later in the play version of The Trial by Franz Kafka, which happens to be where Goebbels “lifted” it from.

    Currently the argument is most often used to justify NSA mass data surveillance activities.


    1. That is very insightful Mikey. Thanks. We sometimes don’t think beyond the obvious, and most, perhaps justifiably, jump on the nazi meme in this particular debate. But your background is really appreciated. (from what I can see of it, you are invisible!) kidding on that last. Please feel free to visit this very new blog anytime.


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