NOT BREAKING NEWS: Man Beheads Innocent at Work.


nidalYes, and the powers that be will call this workplace violence.  Despite the perpetrators motives, as stated, and out for all to see.  Erik Holder aside… .

(Perpetrator not Pictured.  Obviously).

What have you done for your personal on the job safety today?  Have you thought about your plan if some wacko comes into your plant?  Your office?  An employee, or ex-employee, disgruntled or not?  Is your plan to run and hide?  That’s a good plan – get out, and let others know of the danger along the way.  But what if you cannot get out?

Reference the 911 calls, where people cowered in fear.   Listen to them.  Gunshots rang out, after some poor woman lost her head.

Once, long ago, I was put on the 3rd shift of a factory that I worked at.  I had some college credits.  They made me manager.  I got to drive a fork-lift.  I had a guy, a good worker, on-time, worked hard, etc.  He was a muslim.  When he asked me if I would convert, and I of course said no, he attacked me.  Only punched me in the nose.  Alright.  He was fired.  I moved on too.

In the above link, another employee/owner also at the facility did what he could.  Heroically.  Thank God.  The perpetrator will be allowed the virtues of our system.  I wait for his explanation, but expect little.

Not the religion of peace.

Times have changed.

Enter, the F-22.


Two_F-22A_Raptor_in_column_flight_-_(Noise_reduced)A truly awesome machine.  Of course, Syria did not, apparently, have its anti aircraft capability on.  Do they have that?  They may.  We may have gotten a pass with Assad.

A program that should never have been cancelled?  Please share your thoughts.

We need more.